Korean Made Cabbage Kimchi


-Quantity : 1kg (cut into a bite size)

-Delivery : Penang Island only - RM 5


-Ingredient We Use : cabbage, red pepper powder, Korean fish sauce, Korean salted shrimp, pear, sugar, Korean plum sauce, home-made anchovy broth(dried anchovy, dried kelp, dried shrimp), onion, garlic, ginger, roasted sea salt, water (for brine), glutinous rice powder, fine salt, white radish, scallion(spring onion)



Cabbage Kimchi (1kg)

Delivery Date
  • Penang Island only : RM 5

  • - Storage : Store in the fridge (not a freezer) and we recommend 2~3 weeks+.But Kimchi can last for several weeks to months so still consumable after 3 weeks to months.

    Kimchi will continue to ferment and a taste become sour naturallyWhen a kimchi is used as a cooking ingredient such as a kimchi stew (kimchi-jjigae) or kimchi fried rice, over-fermented (sour) kimchi is the best.

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