How to pay using

debit or credit card?

Yes you can. If you want to pay using debit or credit card,

choose "Paypal" at Payment Info and click "Book it"you will be redirected to Paypal checkout window and select "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card"


If you want to pay in cash, choose "Pay in Person".

We will send you an e-mail with details

Follow this process


Can I book 1 class only?

Yes, you can. Try out One-day Class in Jin's Cooking.

You will learn 2 menu at a price of RM 210 per person

You can choose any menu you like among 1 month course

You can book both Tue and Thu otherwise it is fully booked

    * Go to "Courses" to check out the menu

I want to book a Private Class

Whether it's a Ladies Night Out, a Team building or just some friends learning to cook together, a Private Class can be customized to your level and the dishes from the menu of the regular courses

Please inquire here to jinscooking.my@gmail.com or

+60 014 256 4964 (whatsapp). A minimum of 4 guests please. 

what happend if

I am late for my class?

Please be on time for your lesson.

The class will starts at its originally scheduled time even if you are late.

Please kindly understand that we cannot make other student wait.

The make-up class will not be provided for the lost minutes

What happened if I'm absent?

If you can't make it due to personal circumstances, please inform us

at least 3 days before the class starts.

Then the class you missed will be postponed to next month.

If you inform us your absent 1 or 2 day before the class starts or on the class day,

No extension or compensation for that class will be made.

Please understand that we have to prepare the ingredients in advance

How do I cancel a class or get a refund?

If you wish to cancel or get a refund your class, please inform us via e-mail or text messages to jinscooking.my@gmail.com or +60 014 256 4964 (WhatsApp)

Our Cancellation & Refund Policy of Jin's cooking is as follows

  • If you inform us 3 days before each class starts : full refund of remaining classes

  •  If you inform us 1 or 2 day before each class starts or on the class day : Non-refundable for upcoming class, and get a refund of remaining classes

If you request to cancel ongoing courses, there is a deduction according to the amount of  remaining classes

  • If you have 3 classes remain :  RM 30 deducted and refund

  • If you have 2 classes remain :  RM 60 deducted and refund

  • If you have 1 class remain :  RM 90 deducted and refund

A transaction fee (5%) will be also deducted from the amount of a refund money

in case of using paypal or debit/credit card

Are the ingredients halal?

It is non-halal.

some recipes contain pork as a ingredient.